10cric talks to Hoylen about Manchester United vs Wolves game

In the 22nd round of the Premier League, Manchester United defeated Wolves 4-3 away from home. Rasmus Hoylen was interviewed by 10cric Sports after the game. At the beginning of the interview, he was asked how he felt about the game.

Hoylen said: “It gives me mixed feelings, of course, I think we should have ended the game, but of course I am happy for Menu’s goal.” He admitted that the team did not maintain the lead in the game, but Still happy with the victory.

Speaking about his form, Hoylen said he believed “if you get the first goal, the next ones will follow.” He explained that despite the mess, he needed to be in the right position. position. He also praised team-mate Luke Shaw’s excellent crosses and believed his role was to find space to move freely and create space at the back.

Regarding the adaptation to the Premier League, Hoylen said it was faster than what he was used to in Serie A. He emphasized the need to be physically and mentally prepared before receiving the ball and to react faster.

Regarding the significance of this game, Hoylen said he hopes this victory can become a turning point and the team can achieve more wins. He said that the team performed well in January and now hopes to continue to maintain good form in February. He mentioned that the team’s goal is to win every game, compete for the FA Cup and achieve the highest possible position in the standings, and also hope to enter the Champions League.

Speaking about conceding goals in the final seconds, Hoylen acknowledged that the team needs to do a better job of resolving these situations. He said everyone on the bench was angry and the team needed to do better in the situation. Still, he said the team is excited to bounce back. Regarding the killer hero Menu, Hoylen said that he didn’t really see Menu play in the preseason, but everyone said that he was an incredible talent. He praised Menu’s size and maturity and described him as a friendly and relaxed person off the field. He said Menu was very calm and an incredible talent. Finally, Hoylen spoke of the growing chemistry within the Manchester United squad. He believes it’s important to make connections, telling his teammates that if they pass the ball and he’s not there, they can yell. And if he’s there and they don’t pass the ball, he can also yell at them. He said the team was building good chemistry and that his relationship with Marcus Rashford and Garnacho was getting better and better. Through this tacit understanding, the team can better utilize their strengths.