How much money can you make playing sikwin Texas Hold’em?

Many players will ask, can you really make money by playing sikwin Texas Hold’em online? The answer is yes. Take Taiwanese players as an example. People like Xiao Liu, Xiao P Chen Yanhan or Fan Zhiwei are all Taiwanese players who make money from online Texas Hold’em. But to be honest, Texas Hold’em is more like a “competitive game”. Most people want to You can make extra money if you want to, but if you want to make a living from playing poker for a long time, you still have to think carefully. The following are 3 conditions that affect how much money you can make from Texas Hold’em poker.

1. Is it profitable in the long term and what is the EV value?
Texas Hold’em is a game of chance. In every round, you may overtake or make a profit through chance. However, around 10,000 hands, a statistical distribution will appear, which can show whether you are a long-term profitable player. The higher the expected EV value, the more you win in the games you should win and the less you lose in the games you should lose, and naturally you can make more money.

2.What level are you at?
Your level and bet amount will also be factors that affect how much you make. If you are playing at the 1BB/0.01 US level and 1BB/50 US dollars, the difference is close to 5,000 times. The higher the level of profitable players, the higher the profit. The more money you can earn stably every month!

3. Different types of Texas Hold’em Poker
Texas Hold’em poker also has different rewards in different types of games. The number of hands that can be played online is larger, but the fluctuations in the field are larger. The cash table will have different rake amounts according to different playing platforms, and the tournament will have different rake amounts. Depending on the competition structure and money circle, which platform you are on and what kind of Texas Hold’em type event you are playing will all affect the amount of money you make.

To give you a simple reference, generally speaking, if the NL10 US (1BB/10 US) level makes long-term profits, you can get a monthly salary of about 40,000 to 50,000, but compared with the poker players mentioned above, basically It is in the NL50 US level, with a monthly salary of more than 100,000. It is possible to make a lot of money by playing online Texas Hold’em poker!