sikwin Baccarat winning formula: Ming Deng Ming Deng

The sikwin official website most recommends the super baccarat technique that can be used by novice players who are new to live baccarat – the “Ming Lamp (Dark Lamp) Method”. First of all, if you find a certain player in the game who is particularly lucky in every bet and wins every game, then he is the so-called “light” in our live baccarat game, and novice players When you are not sure how to place a bet at the beginning, or you are not familiar with it, you can refer to the opponent’s bettor; or if a player encounters a certain player who is particularly unlucky in the game and loses everything he bets. , that is the so-called “dark lamp”, and it is also a counter-indicator for our players. Usually novices can choose the opposite object to bet on.

However, whether it is a bright lantern or a dark lantern, if a player wants to make a bet based on other people’s opening results, the disciples of the God of Gamblers here have one thing in particular, that is, it is best to use the bright lantern (dark lantern) method every time. , do not exceed “4” times.

If a player has a winning streak or a losing streak in live baccarat, if it exceeds four times, your baccarat probability will drop below 5%, which means that out of 100 games you play, you will only win in 3 games. The probability will be that the bet will succeed. Therefore, it is recommended that players use the bright lamp (dark lamp) method only 4 times.