sikwin casino Detours to avoid when playing Texas Hold’em

What detours have you taken in the process of playing Texas Hold’em at sikwin casino? We have compiled the answers from netizens to see what you have experienced or are currently experiencing.

1. AA and KK could not be discarded, so they wanted to go level and ambush them, but they were beaten to death after entering the game.

2. Pay too much attention to card strength and not pay attention to the dynamics of the card table. For example, KQ on the AKQ face is almost the same (or even worse) than 23 on the A23 face, but KQ is more difficult to fold.

3. You cannot discard revealed sets. Set is a relatively easy card to play, but revealed sets are almost a card that gives away chips, because in many cases, your own card strength is too obvious.

4. Choose the raise size too much based on the cards in your hand. For example, AK is 10bb, AQ is 6bb, and other cards are almost never raised.

5. Don’t pay attention to position, especially in heads up situations. It’s almost impossible to play without position.

6. The third best suit responds to a big river raise – If the third best suit always folds when the opponent makes a big river raise, it must be a positive EV.

7. Think “I’ll accept it if it’s really that unlucky”, and then prove Murphy’s Law. (Murphy’s Law is a psychological effect that means that if there is a possibility that things will go bad, no matter how small the possibility is, it will always happen.)

8. Think “I have been unlucky so many times, will I not be so unlucky this time?”, proving Murphy’s law again.

9. On a card with no suit or full house, use a small straight to connect to the opposite All in.

10. Listen to the flowers opposite the father.

11. The rate of entering the pool is high and the loss of looking at cards is high.

12. Overly immersed in the sense of accomplishment of successfully bluffing or catching a bluff.

13. Paying too much attention to “style”, because I heard that the current mainstream is tight-aggressive (TAG), and I want to become a tight-aggressive player.

14. Don’t pay attention to chip to pot ratio (SPR).