sikwin casino Texas Hold’em Poker Stealing Chicken Methods and Techniques

As the saying goes, you hit someone in the face first, and lose the battle if you lose. In this era when women are not distracted and men are unable to do what they want, pretending has become an essential skill for contemporary people to survive in this world. The same goes for playing cards. Pretending has a very elegant name, called bluffing, or bluff, commonly known as stealing the chicken. Today sikwin casino mainly talks about stealing chicken with everyone.

1. Why steal the chicken?

When there is absolutely no possibility of winning in a hand, your only chance of winning is that your opponent folds. At this time, if you don’t want to give up the pot, all you can do is bet. Betting here is stealing the chicken.

It’s like a public card with four queens and one two. You hold a pair of twos in your hand, and you are already losing. You can’t even draw. If you want to win at this time, you have to steal the chicken and hope that your opponent will give up. Of course, the premise for your opponent to discard the cards is that he believes in you, which requires that you have laid the groundwork to steal the chicken before.

In “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, Zhang Fei roared three times in front of the Dangyang Bridge. The bridge was broken, the soldiers retreated, and the water flowed back. This was a successful chicken stealing. The reason why Cao’s army retreated was because Guan Yu had said before that Zhang Fei’s decision to take the head of a general among millions of troops was like searching a bag for something. This was a foreshadowing of stealing a chicken. Zhuge Liang also did this thing of stealing chickens later, which was the empty city strategy.

2. Don’t abuse chicken stealing

The reason why Texas Hold’em has the action of stealing the chicken is because there is an option to fold.

Many people get the timing wrong when it comes to stealing, meaning they don’t realize there’s no way their opponent is going to fold. It’s like trapping someone in a cage with a hungry lion. At this time, if you want to roll up your sleeves and perform a set of Taizu Changquan to scare the lion to the ground and call him daddy, then this is not stealing the chicken, but committing suicide. die.

Therefore, there are several situations in which you should not steal chickens:

1. Facing the rich: If you are at the VIP table of Wynn Macau and see a rich man wearing gold and silver who always buys high, you will always have strong curiosity, so don’t try to steal from him. High Stake Poker (an American Texas Hold’em cash game TV show, in addition to some legends in the poker world, there are also some giants in the business or entertainment industry) There is a famous saying in it called: Never bluff a billionaire, saying That’s what it means.

2. Facing Shagen (Fool): Of course you shouldn’t steal the chicken when facing a fish. If he has something, you won’t fold it no matter how much you play. If he doesn’t have anything, just hit him a little and he will leave. We don’t have to at all. Steal the chicken.

3. Facing the Emperor: Many people are not calm when playing cards. When they have lost a lot before, when they have won a lot before, when a beautiful girl is sitting next to them, or when the beautiful mother-in-law of a beautiful girl is sitting next to them, they seem to abandon their cards. It’s a very embarrassing thing. As the saying goes, a man can’t say he can’t do it, so he has to do it no matter what. At this time, it would be inappropriate for you to steal the chicken.

3. The opportunity to steal the chicken

So when should you steal a chicken? This is quite deep, enough for me to write a 100,000-word paper. First of all, I want to teach you some psychology lessons… No, no, don’t hit me.

The first thing I want to say is that many people have been misled by various movies and online videos, thinking that the essence of poker is to keep stealing chickens. If you don’t steal chickens, you are a rookie and a fish. Especially programs such as High Stake Poker and Poker After Dark (which are also American Texas Hold’em cash game TV shows). I strongly recommend that novices watch them. It’s not that the people in them are not high-level, but because they are edited. Yes, edited, edited, important things are said three times.

Texas Hold’em Poker Stealing Chicken Methods and Techniques

When you watch a reality show, what you want to spend half an hour watching is the celebrities quarreling with other people, not the celebrities eating at home with the door closed.

If High Stake Poker were not edited, many of the hands would be a raise and a call before the flop, and a continuation bet and a fold after the flop. I don’t think you would have read it, right? “It’s all a show, it’s all a show, it’s all a show.” The important things are still said three times. Don’t learn High Stake Poker. It’s as easy as looking for a spider to bite you instead of watching Spider-Man.

For average players, it is completely feasible in most poker games to control the range of starting hands, make more use of positions, learn to control the pot with medium card mechanics, and play cards steadily with less stealing. Stealing chicken is based on the opponent’s certain level of card reading.