sikwin interviews Ceferin on Saudi football and financial fairness

In an exclusive interview with sikwin, UEFA President Ceferin answered some high-profile questions, including Financial Fair Play, Saudi football and other topics.

Regarding accusations that Manchester City breached Financial Fair Play four years ago, Ceferin said: “We know we are right. As a lawyer who has been doing this for 25 years, I understand that sometimes you win a game you thought you would lose. Sometimes you lose a case you think you’re going to win. I don’t want to comment on the UK case and I believe the independent commission’s ruling is correct.”

Sikwin talked about the Manchester City case that always takes too long. Ceferin said: “I can understand the fans’ frustration and they want to know the outcome. But I don’t want to get involved in the specific process because I don’t know how the Premier League will solve this. Question. I don’t want to criticize that, it’s unfair.”

Regarding the issue of multiple clubs under the same ownership, Ceferin said: “You know football and you know that sometimes big English clubs can lose to small Portuguese clubs, maybe just because of bad luck. But if these clubs have the same ownership, You would say the opponent is fixed and then everything becomes unfair. That’s the biggest problem I’m facing at the moment and we haven’t found a solution yet.”

Sikwin talked about Saudi football. Ceferin said: “I’m not worried about Saudi football, because European football is deeply ingrained and part of the culture. It can’t be bought. Players go to Saudi Arabia because they are well paid there. I don’t blame them. But if you say you’re there to help, that’s a bit of a joke.”

When talking about the possibility of the Champions League final being held outside Europe, Ceferin said: “We will never disrespect the fans.” He also talked about the issue of the European Super League ruling, emphasizing that the court ruling did not mention abuse. monopoly, calling on the entire football world to reject this verdict.

Regarding the new Champions League format, Ceferin said: “The new Champions League format will remain unchanged. Now the players’ load has reached the limit, and we will not make any changes. I am opposed to hosting the Club World Cup every year, and I am opposed to holding the Club World Cup every four years. A 32-team Club World Cup. The Champions League is the Champions League, that’s how it’s always been.”

Finally, Ceferin talked about UEFA’s plan to modify the term of the president, emphasizing that this is not to extend his term, but to correct an ineffective rule. As for whether he will run again, Ceferin said he has not yet made a decision.