sikwin Leverkusen 2-1 Heidenheim Pharmaceuticals leads 32 games unbeaten with 8 points

In the Bundesliga focus match, Leverkusen once again proved their dominance. Despite their strong resistance, Heidenheim eventually fell victim to Leverkusen’s continued unbeaten run.

In the first half, Adli fell in the penalty area and did not call a penalty kick. This was a rare moment that the referee on duty did not see. Never mind, Leverkusen chose another way to take the lead. Frimpong seized the opportunity to score in stoppage time and gave his opponent the first lesson.

In the second half, Wirtz showed his midfield general style, passing and assisting without looking at anyone. Adley seized the opportunity to score again and expand the score. Although Kleindienst tried his best to get a goal back, it was only a drop in the bucket.

Leverkusen really didn’t let other teams have any chance. Wirtz showed his shooting ability during the game, but Kevin Muller performed well and blocked all his shots.

sikwin Judging from the current data, Leverkusen continues to lead. They lead other teams with an 8-point advantage and firmly occupy the top spot.