The importance of single bet in sikwin slot machine

The “fastness” of slot machines is well known. Regardless of any slot machine game, almost more than ten hands can be rotated every minute.

For example, with a total stake of 200 yuan and a single bet of 10 yuan, real-person games such as baccarat and roulette can be played for about 10 minutes, while slot machines can be played for up to two minutes.

For old members who play slot machines at sikwin, the common thing these players have in common in winning big prizes is high-value bets. Moreover, many players even deposit 500 yuan and dare to gamble with a single bet of 250 yuan.

We can make a simple plan. Calculated based on ten hands rotating per minute, for a single bet of 250 yuan, the principal per minute is 2,500 yuan. Players who have played slot machines know that in slot machine games, dozens of hands are worthless. It often happens, that is to say, based on the calculation of a single bet of 250 yuan, if you are not lucky and the principal is 10,000 yuan, you may be
Can’t even last 5 minutes.

Because the player’s capital is always limited, in order to avoid falling on the last hand before victory, a reasonable betting amount is crucial, and a single bet of 5 rupees is the best for this betting amount.