What is the code washing amount, turnover and rebate in sikwin casino?

Wash volume (effective bets), casino turnover and rebate are commonly used terms in casinos, and they play an important role in the game and withdrawal process. sikwin casino introduces these concepts:

Wash amount: Wash amount, also known as effective bet, refers to the amount of effective bets made by players in the entertainment city that meet the regulations.
Usually, casinos will set certain code washing volume requirements to determine whether players are eligible for withdrawals. Wash amounts are calculated according to the casino’s rules and are usually only calculated for a specific game or betting method.

Casino rollover: Casino rollover refers to the amount of bets players need to make in a specific game to meet the requirements set by the casino.
In order to ensure that players have sufficient participation in the game, entertainment cities usually set certain turnover requirements. Players need to accumulate sufficient stakes in the game to meet rollover requirements and be eligible for withdrawals.

Casino rebate: Rebate is a reward method provided by the casino to reward players.
When players place bets in the casino, the casino may provide a certain percentage of rebates based on the player’s activity and betting amount. Rebates are usually calculated over a certain time period and returned to the player’s account within a specific period of time. This approach allows players to gain additional rewards and provide a better gaming experience.