How to make money when playing baccarat at sikwin casino when encountering serial dealers

For Lianzhuang, which is what everyone calls the dragon, everyone has different playing styles. Some like to follow the dragon, and some like to counter the dragon. I still prefer countering the dragon, because according to my theory, this is a A relatively stable profit model, of course, the premise is that there are sufficient funds. For example, if you plan to make a profit of 1,000, then you must have at least 100,000 bets. It can be said that this is also a risky way of playing!

Preliminary preparation and play style
sikwin casino allows you to place bets on accounts, access computers, and most importantly: sufficient funds;
Check the card path: Checking the card path is the most important item. It’s okay if you don’t have a deep card path, but pay attention to the timing of betting. Generally, you start betting on the 4th or 5th bet.
Every time you bet, bet twice the amount of the previous bet, because only in this way can you ensure that you can win back your capital and make a profit!
Po Lianzhuang is a method of speculation, and you must have sufficient funds, otherwise you will die miserably! But I got lucky and spread my bets. I guess this counts as experience!
After making a profit, stop decisively, otherwise you are likely to fall into the abyss!

Timing of betting: It is not advisable to be too early. Don’t think about going against it at the beginning. If you encounter a banker with more than ten hands in a row, how big a series will that be? Let’s all figure it out for ourselves!
Each time you have to bet twice as much as the previous bet, otherwise it will be like giving away money and wasting time.
You must not temporarily increase the bet amount, otherwise the levels will increase and no one can bear it, and the casino will laugh.

Experience summary:
Although this method of play is very simple and does not require much gambling skills. It is a relatively stable mode for people with sufficient funds, but it also makes people rise and fall quickly! Either fail miserably or thrive, everyone should pay attention!