sikwin login teaches you how to deal with baccarat cards

Baccarat needs to be played with a normal attitude. Being stress-free will not affect your judgment. A cautious and relaxed attitude can prevent big losses. The judgment of the road all depends on experience and details. Baccarat should be faced with heart, and the road of picking cards should be cautious without hesitation.

The most common cards in Baccarat are short banker and short player, banker jumps and dragon jumps, long banker and long player, etc.

According to the analysis of sikwin login, the exchange between banker and player generally does not exceed 6 hands. If the betting direction is not clear, you can continue to follow the long queue of betting until the long queue ends;

You can counter the dragon for one or two moves, but you must not counter it all the time. After one or two moves against the dragon, you can turn back to follow the dragon or pause for observation.

Generally, you cannot raise bets after a 9-hand queue. You can keep the bets from the previous hand and continue to follow.

After the long dragon is broken, the number of open cards will generally not exceed 3 consecutive cards. You will know it by yourself after more analysis.

The most common card path with several bankers and several players is that there are more 2 or 3 in a row, so we can use the 3-in-a-row thinking without increasing the bet.

What are provided above are some of the more common ways to deal with the cards. Most of them still require us to place bets based on experience and feeling.