How to use the chicken stealing strategy in sikwin casino Texas Hold’em

When the card you hold is very weak, in addition to folding most of the time, you can pretend to be holding a strong hand in a small part of the time, bet and raise aggressively, and hope that Scare off your opponents and make them give up the cards in their hands that are stronger than yours. It is a pleasant thing to successfully steal the chicken. Sikwin Casino tells everyone under what circumstances it is most suitable to use it.

When there are few opponents, the success rate of stealing the chicken will be much higher than in a game with many opponents. It is most appropriate to use the strategy of stealing the chicken in one-on-one time.

If your opponents are more passive and conservative, stealing the chicken is more likely to succeed. The reason is that when conservative and passive opponents hold ordinary hole cards, most of them will be afraid of your brave bets and raises. Choose to fold.

Remember not to use the chicken-stealing strategy when your opponent has a lot or very few chips. This is because opponents with a small amount of chips will often bet all their remaining chips desperately to compete with you.

When facing an opponent with a large number of chips, because they have more chips, they will have the ability and confidence to implement a counter-stealing strategy. If this happens, you will be completely at a disadvantage and will eventually have to fold. To reduce more losses. This is also in line with the saying “stealing the chicken will lose the rice”. If you are smart, remember not to make this mistake!