sikwin login roulette line play

This is not a sure-win strategy, sikwin login just has some views on this method that I would like to discuss with you.

Roulette line-pressing argument 1

If you use 6 codes, pressed on 6 irrelevant lines, (1, 4) (7, 10) (13, 16) (19, 22) (25, 28) (31, 34), then as long as If you don’t open zero, the harvest will be zero, just make some money.

Argument 1 seems to have no benefits on the surface, but it can actually be used to score points. Many times, you have already scored enough points before you see zero.

“Zero” risk always exists, you know it, I know it, and the casino knows it.
The same scoring method can be used like this, buy 300 for red and black, buy 20 for zero, earn 100 for zero, lose 20 for red and black, you can be optimistic about the red and black and buy a little bigger.

What is the use of scoring? Some casinos have lottery draws or cash rebates every day. Some people come just for this. Not to mention the lottery, it is not a problem to score more than 100 yuan in cash rebates every day. If it comes to the lottery, you can win a mobile phone worth several thousand yuan or a small phone worth hundreds of thousands. None of the cars are fake.

Roulette line-pressing argument 2

If you use 4 codes and press them on 4 unrelated lines, the result is 2 to 1, which means you will lose half if you win, which is equivalent to playing 3 areas and buying 2 areas.

The various 3-area-buy-2-area play methods on the forum are similar to argument 2, but argument 2 can be more flexible, turning a large area with 12 numbers into a small area with 6 numbers, so that you can chase popular numbers. If you manage it well, it’s good to make a little money.