Sikwin advertises itself as the industry’s best gaming platform

Sikwin is a well-known brand under the group and a leading comprehensive gaming and entertainment platform in the Asian Chinese market. It operates six major game sections: sports, real-person, lottery, e-sports, electronics, and chess and card games. It has official self-operated game venues such as sports venues, live-action venues, lottery venues, e-sports venues, electronic venues, and chess and card venues, etc., and also cooperates with various Major game suppliers have joined forces to create a high-quality platform that is comprehensive, interesting, and offers many types of games.

Labeled as the best gaming platform in the Asian industry
Sikwin can develop rapidly in a short period of time and occupy a certain position and influence in the Asian market, thanks to the brand’s advanced development concept. The key to being based in Asia and looking at the world is that it can quickly grasp the development process of the times and adapt to the technological development process as quickly as possible. We continue to cooperate with world-class football clubs and hope to increase Sikwin’s popularity through the club’s influence in the sports industry, so that it can be known to more players and attract more high-quality game suppliers to work together to provide players with better quality. products and services.

Maintain a global development perspective and continue to move toward the world stage
Sikwin always believes that only when you stand high can you see far, and if you want to wear the crown, you must bear the weight. Sikwin will inevitably bear what it should bear and achieve what it should grow under the development trend of the times. With the help of the Internet, we will stand more and further. It has become the favorite of many game players. The technology development and maintenance team always adheres to the concepts of focus, innovation, pragmatism and excellence, using Internet thinking as a link throughout, and strives to continuously develop unique game businesses. In future development, we must still keep pace with the times and maintain continuous innovation.

Achieving global layout has become a clear trend
Sikwin is the best gaming platform in Asia, its competitiveness has been greatly improved, and international policies encourage the development of global opportunities. There are several main reasons to move towards the international market: first, it has global competitiveness, and its product power/brand power on a global scale provides competitive barriers for going overseas; second, the overseas market has a wide space to explore and can be exploited sustainably. The demographic dividend in emerging regions and the increase in game mobility in mature markets. Third, international policies encourage high-quality games to go overseas and provide support for the spread of high-quality culture. If we can successfully develop the international market and provide game services to European and American players, this will illustrate the progress of Asian games and allow Asian games to accept unprecedented challenges. However, only by accepting the challenge can Sikwin and the Asian gaming market grow.

Sikwin believes that the overseas expansion of Asian game products is still in the early stages of development and still faces challenges such as product quality, localization, and environmental uncertainty. From the perspective of product quality and R&D level, the proportion of head products is relatively low, and there is still much room for improvement in R&D capabilities. There are differences in infrastructure and system levels in various regions around the world, and the objective environment brings uncertainty to overseas expansion. However, only by going out can we accept greater growth.