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This Baccarat points system is the difference between previous handouts, as a reference for the next man to pay attention to.

sikwin casino example
First hand. The dealer scores 8 to 4 (gap=8-4=4)

Secondhand. The player wins 7 to 5 (Gap = 7 to 5 = 2)

Third hand: The banker wins 9 to 0 and the player wins 9 to 0 (difference = 9 to 0 = 9) (start betting)

The fourth hand. The banker wins 7 to 4 (difference = 7 to 4 = 3)

In the fifth hand, the player wins 8 to 2 (gap=8-2=6)

If the gap is decreasing before the hand, then the next bet is on the last winning man; if the gap is increasing, then the next bet is on one of the last losing men.

In the above example.

The difference between one hand and the second hand is 4 to 2 (decreasing). The third man finally won a hand, so let’s get busy at home! ->won

The gap between the second hand and the third hand is 2 9s (increasingly), so the last man lost the fourth, that is doing. -> won

The difference in the third hand changed from 9 in the fourth hand to 3 (decreasing), so the man in the fifth hand finally won a hand, which means he made a profit. -> He lost.

Based on the dismounts, this system is called “positive betting”

The reverse operation according to this system is called “negative bet” according to the law.