sikwin casino baccarat game rules: five road rules

In baccarat, the term “road” refers to a record of the game’s outcomes, also known as a “roadmap” or “road list.” Casinos like sikwin casino provide this record to help players track the results of previous rounds. By examining these roadmaps, players attempt to predict whether the next outcome will favor the banker or the player. Baccarat uses five types of roadmaps: Pearl Road, Big Road, Big Eye Boy, Small Road, and Cockroach Road. Here’s a breakdown of these roadmaps and their rules:

1. Pearl Road:
– Red, blue, and green indicate banker wins, player wins, and ties, respectively.
– The upper left red dot indicates a banker pair, while the lower right blue dot indicates a player pair. If both pairs appear simultaneously, both red and blue dots are marked.
– Typically, a Pearl Road has 6 rows and 11 columns.

2. Big Road:
– The Big Road is the most commonly used roadmap. It uses red ‘O’s to represent banker wins and blue ‘O’s to represent player wins. A slash ‘/’ is used to indicate a tie.
– The Big Road is read from left to right, top to bottom. If there’s a sequence of identical outcomes, the next marker is placed in the following row. If the sequence changes, the marker moves to the next column.

3. Big Eye Boy:
– The Big Eye Boy roadmap is derived from the Big Road. The reference point starts from the second row and second column of the Big Road (given that there’s an outcome in the first column). If there’s no outcome in the second column, it starts from the third column’s first row.
– The roadmap indicates patterns such as evenness, whether there’s a gap, or if there’s a straight drop. “Even” means the number of red and blue markers in the first two columns are equal, while “straight drop” indicates no markers preceding the current reference point.

4. Small Road:
– The starting reference point for the Small Road is the second row of the third column in the Big Road. If there’s no outcome at this coordinate, the starting point shifts to the first row of the fourth column.
– The Small Road’s rules for neatness, gaps, and straightness are similar to those in the Big Eye Boy. The key difference lies in the reference columns, which are adjacent rather than separate.

5. Cockroach Road:
– The Cockroach Road starts from the second row of the fourth column in the Big Road. If there’s no outcome at this coordinate, it shifts to the first row of the fifth column.
– The methodology to determine whether it’s neat, with or without gaps, or with a straight drop, follows the same principles as the Big Eye Boy roadmap. The Cockroach Road’s reference points are adjusted according to current and preceding columns.

By understanding these roadmaps, players can attempt to discern patterns and adjust their bets accordingly. However, it’s crucial to remember that baccarat outcomes are independent events. Thus, while roadmaps can provide insights, they do not guarantee specific results.