sikwin live game blackjack card counting rules

Blackjack is a game with simple rules, easy to use, and fast betting. For players who like to seek quick excitement, blackjack has always been the favorite of players, and sikwin provides players with special gameplay and gameplay of blackjack games. With super high rules, players have 100% autonomy to decide their own victory or defeat. Sikwin will introduce this fun blackjack poker game to all players right away.

[Instructions on how to play blackjack]

1. Each game of sikwin’s blackjack game uses 1 deck of playing cards, a total of 52 cards (excluding kings and kings).

2. The system is the banker and the player is the player. The player’s goal is to win if the sum of the cards in his hand does not exceed 21 and must be greater than the dealer’s.

3. Point calculation: The points of cards 2-10 are the numbers on the cards. The points of J, Q, and K are 10 points. A can be regarded as 1 point or 11 points, depending on whether the points in the hand exceed 21 points. When a player stops playing, the points will always be regarded as the maximum without busting the cards.

4. Betting: After the game starts, players can choose different bet amounts according to their own wishes. If no bet is placed within the timeout, the system will automatically perform the minimum bet operation. If there are no players in other positions on the table, players can choose other positions without players to place their bets after placing their own bets. It can be understood that the same person plays multiple seats at the same time.

5. Dealing cards: After all players in sikwin have placed their bets, the system will issue two up cards to each player, and then issue two cards to the dealer. The first card is an up card and the second is a hidden card.

6. Buy insurance: After all players on the table have dealt cards, if the dealer’s up card is A at this time, the player can choose whether to buy insurance. Buying insurance will cost half of the bet amount in this round. When all players have made their decisions and at least one player has purchased insurance, the dealer looks at the hidden cards. If the dealer’s card is blackjack, the player who purchased the insurance will receive a compensation of 1:2 of the insurance amount and the game will end. If the dealer’s card is not blackjack, all insurance bets belong to the dealer and the current hand continues.

7. The dealer checks the hole cards: After the sikwin live dealer deals the cards, if the dealer’s cards are 10, J, Q, K, the dealer will check the hole cards to see if they form 21 points; if the dealer’s hole cards are A, the game ends and the player loses the first round The bet amount (both non-players are 21 points, resulting in a draw). If the hole card is not A, no cards will be drawn and the game will continue.

8. Double bet: When there are only two cards in hand, the player can double the bet amount, take another card, and then force a stop.

9. Card splitting: When two cards in the hand have the same points, the player can double the amount of the bet, divide the hand into two, and operate each hand separately. The two newly formed hands are regarded as separate cards. Blackjack after the cards are split does not count as a blackjack. Double operations are not allowed after the cards are divided; when two A cards are divided, each allocated unit can only obtain one card again, and then the player’s operation ends and it is the next player’s turn

10. Ask for a card: If you want another card, you can repeat this operation as long as the player’s points do not exceed 21 points and the number does not exceed 5.

11. Suspension: No more cards are required, keeping the current hand unchanged.

12. The dealer asks for cards: After all players’ rounds are over, the dealer’s round begins. If the dealer’s points are less than or equal to 16, they must ask for cards, and if the dealer’s points are greater than or equal to 17, they must stop playing.

13. Card comparison: The player only compares points with the banker.