sikwin sports: Green scored 37 points and the Rockets defeated the Wizards to win 4 consecutive games. The Bucks came back to defeat the 76ers.

sikwin sports information, during the NBA regular season, the Houston Rockets defeated the Washington Wizards with an amazing performance and achieved their fourth consecutive victory this season. At the same time, the Milwaukee Bucks also came back to defeat the Philadelphia 76ers in a tense game, earning the team an important victory.

In the Rockets’ game against the Wizards, the Rockets’ core player Green performed well. He scored 37 points and became the biggest contributor to the game. Green not only performed well on the offensive end, but also showed great strength on the defensive end, helping the team achieve this victory. In addition, the unity and cooperation of the entire Rockets team is also the key to victory. Every player performed well and won this victory for the team.

In another game, the Milwaukee Bucks fell into a difficult situation against the Philadelphia 76ers, but at the critical moment, the team showed strong fighting spirit and strength, and finally won the game with a comeback. The Bucks’ stars performed well and led the team to this important victory, earning the team a valuable victory.

The wins in these two games are of great significance to the Rockets and Bucks. They not only won an important victory for the team, but also laid a good foundation for the team’s performance this season. The team’s coaches and players are very satisfied with this result. They said they will continue to work hard, maintain their condition, and strive to achieve better results in the next games.

The fans are also very satisfied with the team’s performance. They said they will continue to support the team and cheer for them, believing that the team can achieve better results in future games.