sikwin sports: Irving 23+8+10, Thompson made 3 of 13, the Mavericks defeated the Warriors for 4 consecutive victories

sikwin sports NBA reported that in the NBA regular season Mavericks VS Warriors game, the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Golden State Warriors with an outstanding performance and won 4 consecutive games. In this game, Kyrie Irving delivered an impressive performance of 23 points, 8 rebounds and 10 assists, while Klay Thompson was a poor 3-for-13. The shooting rate contributed 13 points to the team.

Irving became the biggest highlight of this game. As one of the core players of the Mavericks, he showed excellent organizational and scoring abilities on the offensive end. He contributed a triple-double of more than 20 points, 8 rebounds and 10 assists in the game, which contributed to the team’s success. The victory was achieved with great contributions.

At the same time, the Warriors’ Thompson encountered some difficulties in the game. Although he contributed 13 points, his shooting percentage was less than 25% and failed to bring enough points to the team. This also became an important reason for the Warriors’ defeat in the game.

The victory in this game was not only the result of the individual players of the Mavericks, but also the efforts of the entire team. The team performed well on the defensive end, limiting the Warriors’ scoring, while showing efficient coordination and offensive power on the offensive end, and ultimately achieved an impressive victory.

For the Warriors, this loss is undoubtedly a warning. Although they have core players such as Thompson, they still failed to win against the Mavericks. They need to carefully summarize the mistakes and shortcomings in the game, further improve their level, and prepare for the next game.

The whole game was full of passion and spectacle, attracting the attention of many fans. The Mavericks’ victory allowed them to continue to maintain a good record in the new season, while the Warriors need to find a breakthrough in the defeat, re-adjust their state, and prepare for the next game.