sikwin sports penalty shootout basic rules

“Penalty shootout” is a new competition system introduced by the FIFA World Cup in the past 40 years. Entering the knockout stage, if the two sides are still tied after regular time and overtime, they will enter a penalty shootout. life and death. sikwin sports summarizes the basic rules of penalty shootout.

Penalty kicks are a competitive method for determining the winner of modern football matches. In a single-elimination football match, once the two sides are still tied after 90 minutes of regulation and 30 minutes of overtime, the situation will be tense and exciting. A penalty shootout to decide who wins the match

The rules of the penalty shootout are that each team will send 5 players to shoot 12-yard penalty kicks. After the first 5 rounds, the team with more goals wins. If the winner cannot be determined after 5 rounds, the penalty kick will be decided. It will enter the “sudden death stage”. As long as one team scores and the other team misses the penalty kick, the game will be won by the team that scores the penalty kick.

Penalty kicks are basically the same as regular penalty kicks. The only difference is that no follow-up shots are allowed. The penalty kicks are a critical moment of life and death. The two teams will have completely different reactions at the moment that determines the outcome. Therefore, how to arrange It’s very important for players to show up.