sikwin Top 10 Baccarat Winning Betting Strategies

The simpler the betting strategy, the better it is to use. Simplicity reduces the likelihood of errors. Here are the top ten betting skills compiled by Sikwin, wishing you a successful win:

1. Betting Direction: Observe Continuity, Anticipate Changes, and Act Accordingly (after observing 2 hands);

2. Consider Taking a Pause Every 2 Hands;

3. Key Points for Betting: Cease if You Make 2 Consecutive Wrong Moves;

4. When You Encounter Two Consecutive Wrong Moves Initially, Consider Placing a Virtual Bet and Following the Trend if You Spot 1 Pair;

5. If There are 2 Consecutive Wrong Moves, Followed by Another 2 in the Subsequent Stage, You Can Place a Virtual Bet. If Correcting by 2, Follow the Trend. This Applies to Subsequent Stages as Well;

6. The Key to Winning Bets: Maintain Consistent Flat Betting for Each Game; Stop Winning After 3 Base Units and Stop Loss After 10 Base Units. Continue Betting Until the Target is Reached;

7. Negative Pursuit Strategy: Only Initiate Loss Recovery If You Have Lost More Than 10 Base Units in Total (Note: Do Not Initiate Loss Recovery If You Haven’t Reached Minus 10 Base Units!). Start from the Next Round (Increase the Base Unit), and After Dividing the Total Negative Value by 5, It Becomes the Base Unit for This Round. Repeat if the Cumulative Loss Exceeds 10 Base Units;

8. Tips for Negative Chasing: Revert to the Previous Layer by Reconciling All Values Before (Previous Layer). Consider the Earthquake Amplitude Capacity That Your Total Capital Can Withstand. 4-6 Layers May Lead to Long-Term Victory, While 8-12 Levels Can Yield Realistic Small Wins. Significant Wins Typically Require 16 Levels or More;

9. Tips for Winning: You Can Declare Victory When the Total Accumulated Profit Exceeds 4 Times the Base Unit That Exceeded the Initial Stop Loss Amount. Allocate Half of the Total Profit as the Stop Loss Target and Use the Remaining Half to Replenish the Total Capital;

10. Direction + Layered Flat Bet + Stop When Necessary + Loss Chasing and Winning Strategies + Avoiding Mistakes + Maintaining a Calm Mentality + Timing Your Bets Carefully + Implementing Precise Strategies + Ensuring Realistic Capital = The True Key to Winning.